Maintenance and Repairs

Offering complete solutions for Waste to Energy, as well as for Flue Gas treatment, CNIM MARTIN can also provide support for maintenance of waste to energy plants, offering optimum approach to ensure long-term performance and availability of your installation by a combination of

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance,
  • Ensuring equipment is in operating condition,
  • Providing tailored operational support and training.

CNIM MARTIN can also provide clients with technical assistance for meeting a variety of operational needs:

  • Ensuring continuity of service for steam and/or electricity generation,
  • Optimizing equipment,
  • Where necessary, modifying the plant to meet new regulatory standards as they evolve, or adapting the installation to emerging environmental constraints.

CNIM MARTIN technical expertise and its close proximity to clients also mean that its maintenance support can be deployed within tight deadlines.

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