Waste Combustion


EnviroPowerTM is the state of the art reverse-acting grate for waste combustion in Asia, specially designed in Germany by MARTIN and industrialized in India by CNIM MARTIN through an exclusive technology transfer.

EnviroPowerTM is a fusion of the proven Know-how and Expertise of MARTIN for designing waste combustion systems and in particular Reverse-Acting grates, heritage of its long history, and the local expertise and experience of CNIM MARTIN team for designing to cost and industrializing solutions suitable for Asian market and its specificities.

Key benefits of the EnviroPowerTM GRATE

  • Reverse Acting Grate– Proven and Unique design insuring longest lifetime and efficiency.
  • Compact and Cost effective
  • Stable combustion with Low Calorific value waste from 1000 kcal/kg.
  • Less consumption of support fuel/oil
  • Specifically designed grate air nozzle to ensure complete combustion
  • Robustness and Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Less Grate bar temperature, higher availability
  • Local and Regional support & Services
  • Standardized modules, workshop pre-assembly
  • From 150tpd to 900tpd
  • Reduced Delivery time
  • Reduced Erection time

EnviroPowerTM is setting up a new benchmark in Asia for waste combustion as it allies the unique and highest know-how and return of experience of MARTIN with the competitiveness, quality control and regional footprint insured by CNIM MARTIN Pvt. Ltd.


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