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CNIM MARTIN pv. Ltd., subsidiary of CNIM and MARTIN GmbH, has signed a contract for the supply of the main components of the WTE plant to be built inThailand

CNIM MARTIN Private Limited., the Asian subsidiary of CNIM and MARTIN, has signed a contract for the supply of the main components of the WTE plant to be built in Songkhla Province, Thailand for TPI Polene Power Public Co ltd (TPIPP).

CNIM MARTINPRIVATE LIMITED (CMPL), proudly announces the signature of the contract for the supply of the main components, EnviropowerTM reverse actingMSW incineration grate, SecolabTM dry Flue Gas treatment system and design of CNIM WTE Boiler to the Songkhla WtE project in Thailand.

This signatureof this contract is theculmination of the joint efforts of CMPL and its Chinese EPC partner CHINA NATIONAL ELECTRIC ENGINEERING CO.,Ltd.(CNEEC) to provide customized, competitive and state of the art WTE solutions to the project developer TPI Polene Power Public Co.,Ltd.(TPIPP)for the design, construction and operation of the Waste to Energy facility located in the province of Songkhla, Thailand

The Waste to Energy facilityenvisages 2 boiler lines of 350 TPD capacity each,with a total gross powergeneration of 12 MW. Thefuel is raw Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)withtypical waste characteristics of South East Asia, with low calorific value and high moisture content.

For each of the 350TPD lines, a three runs EnviropowerTMreverse Acting Martin Grate(Grate specially developed and designed by MARTINGmbHfor Asian type of wasteandexclusively licensed to CMPL)and a complete SecolabTMdry flue gas treatment system exclusively licensed byCNIM’s subsidiary LAB S.Ato CMPL, all localizedand industrializedin India by CMPL. These equipmentwill suitably insure the combustion of the municipal solid wasteand maintain and control the environmental emissionsas per Thai standard.Regarding boilers, CMPL will supply the basic engineering based on the long time and recognized expertise of CNIM Group for such type of boilers.

“We are delighted by our choiceto team up with CMPL for this important projectfor usand for which CMPL has been able toprovide competitive and reliable solutions,suitable for thehigh moisture andlow calorific type of waste envisaged for that project, all that solutionsbased on their European know-how and reputation. CMPL has been really supportive and responsive, as well as a real plus for us in the discussionswe led with our customer TPIPP considering the important background and strong assetof CNIM, LABand MARTIN that CMPL representsin the region. Strong of this trustful relationship built during the past months, we are nowlooking forward to further collaborationsfor other promising WTE projects withinthe South East Asian Region and beyond.”, sharedMr. PeiWen, General Managerof CNEECNo.6 Engineering Departmentat the moment of the contract signature.

CMPL is actively supporting the development of WTE projects across South East Asia and beyond (Africa, etc.)following up very closely this emerging market by providing one of the most competitive, established and reliable solution for a proper and large scale municipal and industrial solid waste treatment, which is one of the challenges the fast developing and growing South East Asian countries face.

About CMPL

CNIM MARTIN Pv.Ltd., wasfounded in 2017 in Chennai, India (Tamil Nadu state), jointly held by CNIMGroup,France and MARTINGmbH Germany. The partnership between the two companies, which has lasted more than 55years, is significantly strengthened by this cooperation.CNIM MARTIN Pv.Ltd. specializes in the engineering and delivery of turnkey solutionsfor the thermal treatment of waste in South and Southeast Asia. For this, CNIM MARTIN Private Limited owns exclusive Licenses for waste combustion system, boiler and flue gas treatment technology from both European mother companies with a complete transfer of technology and know-how from MARTIN, CNIM and LABand complete industrialisation of the same in India. www.cnimmartin.in

CNIM Group is a French equipment manufacturer and industrial contractor operating on a worldwide basis. Founded in 1856, CNIM operates in the Environment, Energy, Defence and High technology sectors. CNIM is a leading European specialist in Waste to Energy (WtE) andBiomass to Energy conversion Projects. CNIM has designed and delivered 173turnkey waste-to-energy plants (including 292lines) handling waste generated by more than 110million people globally. It has also delivered almost 300 biomass-to-energy facilities and more than 450flue-gas treatment systems. www.cnim.com

MARTIN GmbH is the pioneer in waste combustion. Founded in 1925, MARTIN GmbH has been successfully active –as general contractor, consortium partner, supplier of components or engineering partner –in the field of waste incineration. In 34 countries, more than 1,000 lines of Waste incineration plants are equipped with MARTIN grates. www.martingmbh.de/en/

China National Electric Engineering Co., Ltd. (CNEEC), was established in 1978, born together with the reform and opening-up in late 1970s. CNEEC is a state-owned international engineering company under SINOMACH group, to provide one-stop service of whole valuebusiness chain for projects, including consulting, financing, EPC execution, O&M and rehabilitation in the business industry of thermal power, hydro-power, transmission lines, clean energy, environmental protection, municipal utility, industrial and commercial building, mining, transportation, and other industrial projects. CNEEC currently holds 9 business departments and 27 domestic and overseas branchesand has completed more than thousands of projects in 70 countries. “Making Every Project A Milestone”, CNEEC has won trust from its customers with advanced technology, reliable quality and excellent services.

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