Waste to Energy Boiler

CNIM MARTIN proposes waste to energy boilers based on the proprietary and proven design of PAPREC ENGINEERING CNIM

Complete transfer of the technology for WTE applications, adapted design for Asian standards, rules and regulations, and industrialised in India by CNIM MARTIN

  • Vertical or horizontal boilers are Fully designed by CNIM and Industrialized in India by CNIM MARTIN to provide optimum Performances-Quality and Reliability / Costs ratio
  • Enhanced parameters are chosen for a better efficiency.
  • 400°C to 425°C
  • 40 to 60 bars
  • High level of heat exchange surface to enhance efficiency.
  • Corrosion protection is of proven design (reliable cleaning systems etc).
  • 3D modelling is used to integrate boilers, grates and auxiliaries in their steel structure.
  • Fit for purpose for Asian conditions, regulations and standards


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